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Jailyn. 19. California. My blog is 100% dedicated to the Janoskians. My username is Janoskian Answers so please ask away! :) Beau and Luke follow <3

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thanks luke

@lukebrooksofficial: People just use james for his bathroom mirror
27. July 2014



A fab master list of all active janoskians blogs that I know of.

Click HERE to see the list and all relevant information.

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Anonymous: Is imlukebrooks luke's actual snapchat and not a fake? Has he ever answered you or something just to know he not a fake fag but the real

I think it’s real but he’s never replied to me so idk for sure. I don’t use my snapchat all that much :/

Anonymous: Hey I just wanted to say I really like your story just one night :) your a really good writer!

Thank you! I really need to update both my stories, but I’m really glad you like them so far!

Anonymous: Is James a virgin?

I dot think so haha ;)